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Alpine Air Alaska - Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Alaska is a big state, however, Alaska has very few roads. Traveling by helicopter makes getting to your location efficient and quick. When the U.S. Forest Service needs to access remote cabins, trails, or radio equipment, they call on local businesses to transport crew and gear. Alpine Air Alaska is proud to offer services to the USFS in the Chugach National Forest. Pilots who fly for the government are required to be certified by the Office of Aviation Services (OAS) and to fly according to their specifications. We have flown rangers into the back country to mark trails when brown bears have quarried a moose. We have flown maintenance crews and building materials to cabins for repairs. On this day, we flew a crew to a location in Prince William Sound to work on mountain top radio equipment. The Forest Service, Alaska Railroad, Alaska Department of Transportation, and the FAA all have remote radio and weather equipment on mountains and other important locations in the state. This equipment helps professionals, such as pilots, and the public check weather in order to plan trips safely. On the internet, you can find some of the weather information these remote sites transmit. The Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center’s website compiles such data into an easy to read format. Not only does Alpine Air help organizations get the equipment installed, we benefit from the data to help plan safe flights. 

Above, a crew from the U.S. Forest Service returns from a remote location in Prince William Sound where they were working on mountain top radio and sensing equipment. 

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